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s h o w s

b u y

d e a r   d i a r y

Friday, March 7
w/ Seana Carmody, The Ninja, The Incredible Casuals
(The Tardy go on second.)
(524-9038), 3496 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

the handstand command calendar will reveal all tardy and tardy-related shows.

the tardy believe that their t-shirt will look very flattering on you.

$10 plus $2 shipping

buy other stuff.

jef and steph are recording and album with the help of andy from the very wonderful band the in-out. stay tuned.

d o w n l o a d s
p h o t o s, a r t
m e d i a   k i t

please listen to tardy songs, encoded in the very popular mp3 format:
tv set
like lovers do
kicked out
undead flowers
(live on wmbr)
new you
(a syrup usa cover!,
also live on wmbr)

many many far too many photos of the tardy. also, some posters drawn by jef.

most of the photos were taken by the wonderful photographer, mat schwartz.

perhaps it would interest you to read a puffy biography of the band?

or download hi-res photos for use in your publication?

or maybe reviews are in your field of interest?

please peruse our media kit for more information about the band.

the tardy is a rock band from somerville, ma.
steph plays drums. jef plays guitar. they sing.
box 440422. somerville, ma 02144. 617.625.1543.